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You will be asked all about your presenting complaint(s) and your general health and wellbeing. Your diet, lifestyle and any medicine or supplements you take will be assessed.  The first consultation will take one hour. Where necessary the herbalist will examine you, ensuring your comfort and modesty are preserved at all times.

A herbal remedy will be dispensed for you to take away. Tinctures (alcohol based herb extracts), teas (dried herbs) or creams are the most commonly used.  The herbalist could also give you nutritional or lifestyle advice.  

After 2 to 3 weeks the herbalist will want to see you again for a follow up, to assess progress.  This will take around 30 minutes.  More medicine will be dispensed if needed.

Treatment will continue for as long as necessary with follow ups every 4 to 6 weeks.  Each course of treatment is different. Some conditions may take longer to respond.  Sometimes the herbalist may need to refer you to your doctor.

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Thursday Mornings  9.30 -11am
at the Rainhall Centre.

Free 15 min Consultations. Medicines are charged for
at the usual rates.

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~ The Rainhall Centre

Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick,
Lancs. BB18 5DR

~ The Otley Apothecary

16 Bondgate,
Otley, LS21 3AB

Tel:  01943 465544

~ Home visits available

To book an appointment please
phone Danielle on 07909 953666
or contact Danielle.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation (1hr) £35

Follow up consultations
(30 mins) £20
(45 mins) £25
Review by phone (15 mins) £15
Reflexology (45 mins) £30

Herbal medicines
(approx. per week):

Tincture 100mls £7.00

Tea 100g  £5.00

Cream 60g  £4.00

(Joint and Muscle Rub 60g £6.00)

Payment by cash or cheque
on the day please.

Please note: Missed appointments will
be charged for unless a minimum of
24 hours notice is given.